Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay as you go!

Being on top of the list google search or other search engines does not magically happen, Pay per click tools have the best option for businesses on a budget as you only pay when your found and your link is clicked.

Consider Pay per click to:

  • Stay Visible to your audience along with your competitors.
  • Grow your customer base 
  • Genrate more leads for your services/products.

Pay per click Services:

PPC Audits

  • PPC campaign setting review
  • Keyword strategy
  • Quality score optimization
  • Search engine ppc Audits

PPC Management services

  • Click bid management
  • Ad placement and targeting adjustments
  • Geographical targeting improvement
  • Ad copy optimization and testing
  • Cost and performance analysis
  • Check in calls/meetings
  • Monthly analysis report

PPC Search engine Advertising

  • Google search engine
  • bing
  • overture
  • Espotting
  • Yahoo search

PPC Display advertising

  • Facebook
  • facebook ad exchange (FBX)
  • Google Display ads
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube

PPC Ecommerce Services

  • Google Dynamic remarking
  • Dynamic keyword insertion
  • Strategic bid management
  • Amazon product management
  • International PPC campaign management

PPC Bids management

  • Bid automation
  • personalized Custom filters to your channels
  • More than 200 global ad companies
  • Maximum results for your budget
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