Google Adwords

How much does google adwords cost?


Its the first question we get from a potential client.

Advertising on Google, is a mystery, because Google doesn’t have fixed price available.

They don’t have any outbound marketers, that are reaching out to potential advertisers.
although its complicated to figure out how much Google AdWords will cost, we have a model to make it easy for you!
lets solve the mystery:
Google AdWords is on a pay-per-click model, so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website
Google Keywords
Each keyword has  a cost per click associated with it, and it can vary from hour to hour throughout the month. their is no cost for east keyword as it’s based on an auction and some other variables.
What determines the cost of each keyword is how many businesses bidding on it and the device which the keyword triggers an ad.
We provide our clients with a model to help determine each business needs:
  • Keyword Planner preparing all the keywords for your business. type in diffrent parameters
  • defining, relevant words, geographic area, and what to targeted.
  • Consulting Clients in determining budget for AdWords campaign by calculating ROI.
How can we help you?
• Keyword research
• Campaign creation
• Landing page deign and development
• Campaign tracking
• Detailed reporting and updating
Other Google services :
• Google analytics
• Google display/Mobil
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