What is a responsive website?

New devices are coming out every week, there are so many different ways we can consume content in this time of day.

In the past we mostly used desktops to open the website but now things changed, when are demands changed between mobile devices, iPads and even TVs have browsers.

Do you recall opening your website on your phone and noticing that the images are shattered out of place, and your home page only loads half way? That’s because your website was designed to only be viewed on a desktop.

A responsive website is a functioning website among different mobile devices, wherever you load your website it adjusts to whatever device its loaded on without butchering the design.

The first thing you need to know if that’s the case is build a responsive website. And make sure to use the right technology.

According to a recent survey smartphone users surpassed 2 billion in 2016 internationally, so your currently missing out on leads and sales if your website isn’t functioning properly.

If your website isn’t optimized property on smaller screens, you will be missing out on search engine ranking. According to google back in 2015 when website mobile presence became an effective factor in presence signal.


Unless your website is responsive, your online presence wont be found as of today there are 60% of searches online come from mobile devices.


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